The H-FARM Education Study Abroad Program is an intensive and innovative course in digital entrepreneurship held in Venice, Italy. Led by a team of expert docents and mentors, students will explore the current and future digital landscape, develop the technical and transversal skills required for digital entrepreneurship, and are immersed in a community of young and vibrant startups – all of this against the backdrop of one of the most culturally-rich and enigmatic cities in the world, Venice.

Learning by doing

The Academic Program is rooted in the main elements of H-FARM’s DNA: digital, innovation, design. The faculty, leading players in the international digital landscape, train students in the strategic, technical and relational skills that are necessary for digital entrepreneurship. Classroom-style lessons are balanced with hands-on workshops and team projects, in which students put theory into practice. The program aims to give students a 360-degree educational experience, encouraging them to create connections between the digital and cultural worlds and to use all forms of artistic expression to better inform their understanding and interpretation of the world around them.
Field trips to local partner companies and interactions with the startups being incubated in H- FARM will expose students to the transformative power of digital innovation in professional contexts, especially in visual fields like design and fashion; providing inspiration for possible future career options and highlighting what it takes to succeed in the global digital landscape.

Cultural explorations

The Program balances the core curriculum with afternoon workshops and cultural activities based on Italian socio-cultural themes. During the weekends, the Program organizes excursions to the historical center of Venice and in the surrounding Veneto region in order to heighten students’ awareness of and connection to the local area.

“The real learning starts when one crosses borders and travels miles for the real knowledge”
Vivek Sahni