Location & the Venetian Lagoon

The unique geography of H-CAMPUS, on the edge of the Venetian lagoon facing the island of Torcello, provides the entire campus community with a remarkably high quality of life and a singular environment in which to learn and grow. For example, students can learn the traditional Venetian-style of rowing along the river that runs right behind the campus.

H-CAMPUS is in a strategic geographic location – it’s connected in mere minutes with the historical center of Venice, a major international airport, as well as one of Italy’s major train hubs, allowing students to travel to Milan, Rome and Florence in a few hours. The ski slopes of the Dolomite mountains and the sunny beaches of the Adriatic coast are also very nearby.

Excursions & Cultural Experiences

When not in the classroom, students visit H-FARM startups and local businesses, take part in cultural experiences and workshops in H-CAMPUS and embark on excursions to the historical center of Venice and the surrounding Veneto region. This unique mix of activities is designed to give students an all-encompassing educational experience through eye-opening interactions with the digital and entrepreneurial worlds, as well as with Italy’s vast cultural heritage, spanning visual arts, design, theatre, fashion, architecture and food.

H-FARM Education students also benefit from being able to take part in the rich calendar of events, workshops and seminars hosted by H-FARM and its partner companies. From concerts, to dance performances, to photography classes, students are always engaged and stimulated.

Discover the facilities of H-CAMPUS


Students can choose to stay in dormitory-style accommodation close to H- CAMPUS or in home-shares with local families, which offers students the unique opportunity to be fully immersed in local culture. On-campus dormitories will begin housing students in 2018 – which will give students the flexibility of having dining, sports, entertainment and quiet study facilities at their doorstep.


H-CAMPUS buildings are low-impact and completely sustainable, using traditional materials and architectural forms that blend in with the natural environment. The architecture of the campus takes into account the agricultural character of the surrounding area and aims at strengthening its already strong ties with the Sile River and the Venice Lagoon. The project is designed to support the use of an integrated “green” energy system that features a mix of low-consumption photovoltaic, geothermal, biogas and solar thermal installations.


A wide-range of transport options will ensure that students get where they need to go. Students can use the bike-sharing program, allowing them to easily get around while on campus and other nearby structures with low environmental impact. Local public transportation options link them to the historical center of Venice, the main train hub in Mestre, Venice International airport, as well as nearby cities like Treviso, Padova and Verona.


The two on-site restaurants, Le Cementine and La Serra, not only sustain the student population with freshly-prepared and wholesome meals but also provide areas for socializing, brainstorming, creating.

Le Cementine, located steps away from the Study Abroad classroom, is reserved for H-CAMPUS students and guests for breakfast (serving freshly-made croissants and pastries, accompanied by their unique house blend coffee) and lunch (always comprised of three courses, focusing on traditional Italian dishes and flavors). In the evening, Le Cementine opens to the public for pre-dinner aperitivo (try the Spritz – the acclaimed local drink made with Prosecco and Aperol). At dinner time, the restaurant boasts a high-end and carefully-created menu, featuring locally-sourced products and avant-garde cooking techniques by the in-house chefs.

La Serra (which literally mean “The Greenhouse”, taking its name from the greenery-filled space) is the on-site restaurant at H-FARM headquarters, 5 minutes down the road. La Serra, besides providing traditional breakfasts and a rich buffet of pastas, main courses, soups, salads, and vegetables at lunchtime, is also a casual space for quick meetings and brainstorming sessions, as well as community events, like H-FARM’s renowned H-ACK hackathons.